Male, 24, brazilian, (almost an) architect and addicted to The Sims 2. Feel free to ask any WCIFs :D

Dark Side Residential Building
700-Follower Gift 1

Hey fellow simmers, it’s been some a while :P I’ve been really busy doing some adult stuff in the real world, but now I’ve finally found time to go back to simming! Here’s the first 700-follower (WOW, thanks a lot!) gift. It’s a 1x2 apartment building for single sims. It has a pool on the first floor, a gym on the second floor and then 3 apartments and a penthouse. All EPs and SPs are required.

Download links: Mediafire - BOX

CC included:
-Slimming Parquet in Vintage Lantern Floor by iCad
-Milk Stucco Wall by Smart_Spell
-Black Bricks Wall by simmyfan2852
-Tiles and Concrete walls and floors by me

Mercat Nou
1x2 Apartment Building

Hey everyone, here’s a little lot for your pixel people! This used to be a grocery store in one of my community lots, but I turned it into a functional apartment lot. Its apartments are tiny, and it’s meant to look cheap and tacky, but I’m sure there’s enough room for the sims to be happy :D

Download links:  Mediafire - BOX (Yay, it’s back)

Hi again! I was wondering if you could tell where you got the dining chairs and the hanging chair in your post/81493348273 :3 Thanks in advance!
— @infected-cheesecake By

Hello there :D

The dining chair recolors (and its original mesh as well) can be found here:

The hanging chair is a TS3-conversion made by Veranka:

More Concrete Walls and Floors
I guess it’s pretty clear that I love concrete, and if you do too, here’s some more :D Collection included in the zip. Also sorry for the swatch, Tumblr completely destroyed it!

Download links: Mediafire Dropbox
*Am I the only one who’s going through weird issues with Box? It won’t load properly, saying there’s something with my firewall, but everything’s fine.